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Land acquisition, planning permission, both outline and full, development opportunities, and both the buying and selling of all the aforementioned are services that we have an extremely successful record of delivering to the clients’ requirements and/or specifications.

Our company executives have been party to over £1 billion of land, property, and development transactions in the last 5 years, and the database of both sellers and investors that we hold is extensive.

Whilst the Company has previously majored in Cheshire and London, in the last six months our reach has become more expansive with major deals in both Europe and New York. As a direct result, we now have specialist Consultants in those areas to promote the Company further.

As way of introduction, we have in excess of 100 years expertise in the high-end property arena, predominantly in UK and Europe, but many other successful transactions have been completed Worldwide.

In most instances, we look to make an introduction between our clients, be they Sellers or Buyers, with only the asset owners or their appointed mandates by way of standard Non-Exclusive Introducer Agreement / Mandate.

We actively represent a global network of high net worth individuals and corporations in this field, most of whom have significant portfolios of high value projects globally, with an ongoing mandate to acquire further high value investment grade assets which are considered prime, preferably totally off-market.

Rachel Denver, Business Development Director

Our team enjoy a wealth of experience in corporate business development and global investment brokering with a proven record of planning, organising, managing and assisting in both the development of, and synergy within, our client base.

We handle commercial and residential sales, large mixed portfolios, development land with or without planning, and investments with significant rent rolls, predominantly all £10M+ and whilst we say ‘without a ceiling’, in reality circa £100M to £400M tends to be our niche on commercial and £10M to £35M on residential. That said, we also often have a very small number of ‘Exclusive’ opportunities.

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