About Us

Ian Manson, Group CEO

Autonomous has been formed to meet the strategic requirements of Corporate companies and bodies, and guide them in the most professional manner possible, in order that all such clients are fully satisfied and realise their true aspirations.

Autonomous may be the “new kid on the block” within this extremely competitive marketplace, but our senior executives all have an extensive history. As a result of our entrepreneurial backgrounds, we can execute our diverse abilities with the very best “players” in our fields of expertise.

The company has, effectively, four main divisions. These participate in the Mergers and Acquisitions, Land and Property Investments, Corporate Funding, and Digital space.

The digital division is a separate body, which offers its own wide range of products and services. Whether you just need a new website or an overhaul and re-brand, our team can help. You can find out more about these services by visiting its website.

These four areas are complemented by offering Corporate advice to Companies requiring a third-party review of their Company Policies, recruitment, strategy, risk, to include full appraisal for potential growth by acquisition, or sale by professional Information Memorandum.

Welcome to Autonomous

The Autonomous Group, as it now is, was set up as a one-man operation circa August 2018, to now being a multi-faceted organisation.

I am delighted with the progress, but more importantly, the fact that we remain a small, tightly-knit group of professionals in various genre, and continue to provide the personal touch with all our services to our Clients.

Our success is down to the ability of all our team members to contribute their individual skills and the rapport that we create with our Clients and contacts.

2020 has been our best year to date, in extremely difficult World circumstances, but we have remained loyal to our company ethos of putting our Clients first.

Ian Manson, Group CEO