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We are the Autonomous Group

With a wealth of experience equating to some 70+ years in very senior Corporate office, the management team at Autonomous enjoy the resources to satisfy their clients, both national and international, in the most professional and innovative manner.

We offer a variety of services, each of which has its own unique benefits that it can bring to your business, and/or venture. Full documents are available for you to download about all our core services, so you can find out everything you need to know about what we can do for you, and in order to have access to same, please complete the contact form below.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Autonomous have an extensive experience in the intricacies that ultimately dictate the outcome of the decision to put a Company up for sale, in terms of both financial benefit to their clients and overall experience and satisfaction with the process. From initial consideration of sale through to completion, we ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with every aspect of the deal.

We understand that our clients care deeply about the future of their Company, and that every deal is unique. It is with this in mind that we take time to ensure that we find the right buyer, at the right time, for the best price, for every Company.

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Land & Property Investments

Land acquisition, planning permission, both outline and full, development opportunities, and both the buying and selling of all the aforementioned are services that we have an extremely successful record of delivering to the clients’ requirements and/or specifications.

Our company executives have been party to over £1 billion of land, property, and development transactions in the last 5 years, and the database of both sellers and investors that we hold is extensive.

Whilst the Company has previously majored in Cheshire and London, in the last six months our reach has become more expansive with major deals in both Europe and New York. As a direct result, we now have specialist Consultants in those areas to promote the Company further.

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Autonomous Land & Property Investments now have a specific division, on a extremely confidential basis, of properties, be they Corporate, Commercial or Residential, that only a limited amount of Companies or Individuals will (a) have an interest in and (b) the ability to purchase.

Such properties will be handled on a totally one-to-one basis and never offered to any more than one party at any given time. Said party will have exclusivity on such property until a deal is declined or completed.

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Autonomous have a sister company, Brent Capital Ltd, with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK, and whilst they are neither Lenders nor Finance Brokers, they have a panel of third-party Lenders and Brokers that they work extremely closely with, who supply a variety of finance options to suit most Corporate clients’ requirements.

They offer, via their exclusive partners, more diverse and flexible finance options, for a very broad range of investment options, over a one year to five year term, assisting our clients to continually develop their business, or provide funding for further acquisitions and/or properties or portfolios.

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Autonomous offer an extensive range of digital services, tailored to the needs of its clients and provided by both in-house experts and an array of associate industry professionals who are well versed in delivering corporate-level projects.

Our in-house experts and panel of industry associates are no strangers to the challenges of the modern world, and employ industry-leading techniques to offer a number of digital services to clients on any scale with a view to help transform the fortunes of their business.

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2020 will sadly be remembered for the Covid pandemic, which has played a massive part in both the cessation of businesses and to a lesser degree, growth of businesses. The hospitality sector has been hit harder than most, and as a direct result, opportunities will exist in the coming 12 months for Companies and/or Individuals to acquire distressed, phoenix, and on-the-brink Companies, be they asset acquisitions or full shareholding acquisitions.

Autonomous, through their management team and influential contacts, will have access to many such opportunities, and we will continue to promote said opportunities on a completely confidential basis. If you to desire to be included on our contact list, we respectfully request that you complete the contact form below, stating your requirements, and we will be in touch with you to discuss further.